Future Cameras To Have NO LENS?!? Crazy Science Talk!!

I don’t know if you know this, but metamaterials are starting to become pretty useful for having some fun with the electromagnetic spectrum, and that ranges from the technology you can see in any science-fiction show, book and.or movie, or for use in the real world.  It seems that engineers at Duke University have come up with a metamaterial imaging sensor that doesn’t require a lens to generate a picture.  This means that this could lead to cheaper imaging technology in the near-to-distant future.  

Here’s how it works: the sensor is a flexible copper-plated sheet that is patterned with small squares that are able to capture many light frequencies at the same time, acting as one big aperture. With the addition of some circuitry and software, the sensor-only camera is then able to produce up to ten images per second. However, Duke’s only works at microwave frequencies, a form of imagery that is commonly used. But thanks to the metamaterial technology being flexible and lacks moving parts, the new sensor has the capability to be utilized to produce improved, integrated, cheaper airport scanners and vehicle collision avoidance technology (I REALLY love those by the way, the latter, not the sooner),  increasing your chances on being safe when flying or road-tripping it up.

[Thanks PhysOrg and Duke]


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