Twofold House is Ten-fold in Environmental Initiatives

This pair of 4-bedroom luxury townhouses was designed by BKK Architects, where the developer client’s wishes of high quality-low density housing were met with the firm’s interests in addressing issues of containment and scale while still providing a high standard of living amenity.  The home also delivers a high level of environmental design with varied green/sustainability measures to complement the home’s luxury.  

The Twofold House’s façade is made of a single concave timber screen with a cluster of windows punched through it, but don’t let the size fool you, as its scale bears no indication of the number of rooms, dwellings, or floors.  I suppose you can say that this house is somewhat “scale-less,” as there is little-to-no way to determine the interior spaces from the outside facade with the absence of typical scaling devices.  The home’s position away from the public street showcases deference to the streetscape, meanwhile the cluster of windows (previously mentioned) focus on an inside looking out experience rather than the typical outside-looking-in lack of privacy typical in suburban communities.

Remember those green measures I discussed earlier? Well, the Twofold House covered these following environmentally-sound initiatives: 6-star energy rated home, water tanks for rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, high thermal mass, low-VOC materials, recycled timbers, water and energy efficient appliances, inherent, low maintenance finishes, solar hot water, and drought tolerant plantings.

See, even if you want to live like a king (or queen, for the lady nerds out there), this goes to show that you can still show stewardship toward the planet by being environmentally conscious.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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