WWE To Help Rekindle Some “In Your House” Memories via DVD/Blu-Ray

You can usually depend on the huge Vault at WWE headquarters to offer some content to tickle the fond pro wrestling memories of fans of WWE, WCW, ECW, AWA, WCCW, and more event of wrestling’s past.  Recently, WWEDVDNews.com confirmed that WWE will be releasing a new DVD and Blu-Ray set called the “Best of In Your House” on April 30th. Read the official synopsis after the break.

“In the mid-90′s, no pay-per-view series produced more epic matches, historic moments or championship showdowns than WWE In Your House. Debuting in 1995, In Your House pay-per-views were the preeminent setting for the top Superstars in WWE to settle their scores in the months between the “big 4″ events. In 28 total events over five years, In Your House and its unmistakable insignia solidified a permanent place in WWE through the iconic Superstars it hosted and the litany of innovations that stemmed from it.”

The house-like stage from “WWF In Your House: Ground Zero”

The synopsis continues, adding: “true WWE fans will reminisce about the first ever Hell in a Cell, Inferno and Buried Alive Matches, the debuts of Kane and Big Show, and the genesis of several yearly stables such as WWE Backlash, Judgment Day, Unforgiven and No Way Out – all originating at In Your House. This 3-disc, eight-hour collection features championship level matches from all the top WWE stars of the 90′s, such as Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Triple H, The Rock, Kane, Diesel and many more!”

[Thanks ProWrestling.com]

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