My 5 Favorite CES 2013 Stories: Day 4/4

DAY 4 of 4Friday, January 11th, 2013
DAY 4 of 4
Friday, January 11th, 2013

We have come to the end of the CES 2013 road, everyone. It’s time for my final news briefs about my top 5 favorite products/stories introduced on the final day of the show. This is the 4th and last day of “The PractitioNERD” coverage of CES 2013, and here are my favorite stories from today’s CES coverage.  

1) The uChair: Transforming Your Keyboard into a Recliner

This is the uChair from Beijing uChair Technologies, and its purpose is to offer keyboard use in true comfort. How, you may ask? Well, the uChair is pretty much a ergonomic recliner with a split keyboard embedded in each armrest.  Here’s what you do: you sit back, adjust the headrest, pull up a screen (whether it’s a laptop or tablet) attached to the chair via bracket, and get working. Or watching YouTube video. Or play browser games. Or fall asleep. depending on how comfy you find it.

2) DecaTxt: Providing the True QWERTY Challenge

In10did believes that they have solved the issue about creating/typing/sending messages with on-screen and compact QWERTY keyboards with their new palm-sized, touch-type micro keyboard with wireless Bluetooth connectivity.  The compact device shrinks the standard QWERTY keyboard to 10 keys, one for each finger, and just needs to be used with a single hand. With a variety of key combinations, the device allows for the input of over 100 keystrokes, all of which are characters on your standard computer keyboard.  It may take a while to get used to, but it sounds very effective and nifty!

3) Fibaro’s Home Automation System & Smart Powert Strip is US-bound

Fibaro, a home automation system already available in 43 countries,is coming to the states with the main box about to go on sale for $699. The system works using Z-wave protocol — rather than WiFi — and the base station can connect to around 240 lights/switches, heat and cooling systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, doorbells, dehumidifiers, motion sensors, the works! For any of these devices (or combination of), you can program any number of “cause-and-effect” macros. Over time, Fibaro will also learn your usage habits, and offers suggestions and tips on how you can conserve energy.

4) This Protective Phone Coat Guards Your Phone from DESTRUCTION!!

A company called Integrated Surface Technologies gave a demo of their technology for allows you do terrible things to your mobile electronics. The product essentially coats your phone with stuff that protects it if it is dunked in water, dropped on the floor or other hard surfaces, or getting completely smashed with a sledgehammer.

5) Casio’s G-Shock GB5600A is a little Retro Tech with some Modern Tech Goodness

Casio’s G-Shock GB5600A will remind you of the retro, old-school watches sporting the classic “Illuminator” tech, however this revision comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 which lets it pair with a variety of iOS devices and display notifications, phone calls, text messages and emails on its small screen. Plus, the watch includes a “Time Adjustment” so you can automatically change the clock depending your location, and a Phone Finder that simply locates your iDevices with the touch of a single button.



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