!BANG! Wrestling presents the HIGHEST DROPKICK EVER*!

Shawn Spears executing a standing dropkick on Pepper Parks.

First off: !BANG! is a pro wrestling promotion owned by wrestling legend Dory Funk, Jr., who also runs the Funking Conservatory, a full-service pro wrestling school. The school and promotion offer a three-step, three-week program for aspiring wrestlers of any and all skill levels, offering students the chance to work in front of a live crowd and even to become a star on the !BANG! TV show.

Second: a dropkick maneuver, invented by wrestler Abe Coleman, is defined as an attack where the wrestler jumps up and kicks the opponent with the soles of both feet, with the standing dropkick (the hardest to pull off) requires great leg strength for proper elevation for the wrestler to catch the standing or running opponent with a dropkick from a standing position. In order to be pulled off effectively, it requires great leg strength to gain elevation.

Now with that knowledge, imagine a video of the HIGHEST DROPKICK EVER (or, at least on the internet…and it’s not from this picture)!  

Impressive, huh?

When the students and stars of !BANG! are being members of the Funking Conservatory team and not busy taking other courses in the promotion of pro wrestling, refereeing, announcing and creative writing for pro wrestling, some of their stars (like, Quinton “Drop-Back” Hitchcock) do amazing physical maneuvers on others (like, Brian “Hot Shot” Davis).


[Thanks to 1Wrestling.com]

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