The Smartwatch: Would You or Would You Not?

So, what so you think about these conceptual drawings by Adrian Maciburko called “Google Time”?  Whether or not you’re interested in the idea of smartwatches, you’ve got to admit that this looks really nice, and with the Google’s “Google Now” initiative that has worked well at getting to know yourself, this could become something very interesting. With the buzz surrounding a possible Apple/Intel smartwatch project going around, I’m eager to see if any of these projects are going to be announce this week at CES.  

Anyway, back to the mock-ups, Maciburko used Google’s latest design language as a basis to create this sleek, easy-looking take on what kinds of features a Google smartwatch device might have, including voice recognition and touch-sensitive interfaces.  Just think about it: with Google Now on the watch, syncing my Google account info and notifications (i.e., meetings, birthdays, get-togethers, etc.) right on my wrist? SIGN ME UP!

Please be real someday…

[Thanks Adrian Maciburko]

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