Prefab Project: A Zaha Hadid & Pharrell Williams Collabo?!?

When looking up the terms “Star-Kitect” and “Rock Star Architect,” it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see a picture of Zaha Hadid.  News of her design for the vacation home for model Naomi Campbell (located just outside of Moscow) went viral almost instantly, and Glamor Magazine named her “Woman of the Year.”   Hadid’s latest project to catch wind on the internet is her collaboration with musician & author (and aspiring designer) Pharrell Williams, best known as half of the music production team The Neptunes (a favorite of mine) and one-third of the genre-bending music group N.E.R.D. (“Nobody Ever Really Dies”; another favorite of mine).  

According to an interview with Hypebeast, Williams mentioned his collaborative project with Hadid, which was based on a topic he briefly discussed in his book, Pharrell: The Places and Spaces I’ve Been.  He said that he and Hadid were “touring around with the idea of a prefab for a house.” Before the interview, Williams was sharing his opinions on the state of aesthetics during the Design Miami event last month (which was also LAST YEAR).   No elaborate details and strict time tables on the project were mentioned in the interview, but this type of project is not a first for Williams, who had previously worked with Chad Oppenheim twice before, but to Williams describes the project with Hadid would be “really fun,” “next-level,” and “could change the game.”

Teaming up with Pharrell Williams, internationally renowned architect Chad Oppenheim is unveiling a visionary youth center that inspires to aspire. After meeting at Art Basel in 2008, Pharrell and Chad quickly realized they shared designs to make the world a better place, starting in Pharrell’s hometown of Virginia Beach. Chad’s eco-treehouse concept will become a place for kids to escape and imagine—The Pharrell Williams Resource Center (working name).

[Thanks Architizer]


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