Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game

Remember Primal Rage? The game with the killer, fighting dinosaurs? The one with the wonky control and combo scheme? The arcade and console software that was a direct result of the craze of motion-captured, violent fighting games stemming from the original Mortal Kombat?  Or that game where the main interesting thing was watching the losing dinosaur’s brain deflate and heart explode upon defeat?  If you remember all that to a “T,”  please GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Anyway, its sequel, Primal Rage 2, is one of those mythical cancelled games that has many rumors and legends surrounding its life and eventual death, and now we finally get a glimpse at what it could have looked like.  

Well, the working prototype  anyway.  Much like the original game, Primal Rage 2 retained the claymation character design, but heavily improved the character models and the fluidity of their animations. From the video above, it seems that the game’s combo system had possibly been greatly improved and expanded.  Hopefully one day, like many other cancelled and never-released games, Primal Rage  2 will somehow find its way into the hands of programming enthusiasts and gamers.  You know, for the brain deflating and heart exploding, at least.

[Thanks Shoryuken]

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