PBS’s American Experience Takes a Look at Silicon Valley [Trailer]

The founders of Fairchild Semiconductors. Kind of getting a “Mad Men” vibe here….

As part of the PBS history series American Experience, this February 19th special will take a gander at the history of Silicon Valley, the introduction of the transistor, the Fairchild semiconductor, the founding of Intel, and the variety of other events, creations, and discoveries that took place there that would ultimately change the world.  Be sure to tune in to this PBS special, so you can get the real deal story of what really occurred, especially if you’re fed up watching irritating people string together exasperatingly overused techy buzzwords; and yes, I’m talking about that “show” on Bravo. Ugh!  

Plus, after being thoroughly educated on the history of Silicon Valley from the PBS special, then I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy Mike Judge’s forthcoming HBO comedy series on the same topic.  Think about it: it’s Office Space….in SILICON VALLEY! YES, SIR!!

[Thanks CNET]

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