Cranes of Palermo Proposal, or Who Needs Wood, Bricks & Concrete?!

What you see here is the proposal for the Cranes of Palermo in Sicily, proving that architectural design can be used as an artistic trolling mechanism in reference to interpreting the how the city’s historic Baroque architecture is perceived despite the style’s ornament-based characteristics, as well has presenting the city’s historic architecture.  The proposal from DeFournier & Associados (that’s “associates” for you ‘Merican-speakin’ folks) aims to become the landmark structure and place for the Sicily’s revitalization efforts at its port, with the additions of a cultural and leisure center, and the new square located along the entire floor space on the ground floor.  

All trolling aside, the proposal’s design showcases an interpretation of the language of the Baroque style of the 1600’s.  The cranes offer more flexible and configurable exhibition space for various types of events, mainly depending on how the cranes are oriented. through it.  Some of the set spaces in place in this proposal  include the aforementioned cultural center for permanent and temporary exhibitions, a library, café, retail/gift shop. multi-use space, restaurant and terraces,and many of these area are located along the horizontal elements of the cranes.

“……..and tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999!!!”

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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