My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!

It’s nothing new for people to incorrectly pronounce the title of a movie, book, TV Show, song title, or even video games. Sometimes it could be the arrangement of the letters, the instance or proper use of long and short vowels, accents over letters, and, well, REASONS! GamesRadar recently put together their list of the most mispronounced video game titles, and –drawing inspiration from them — I will only showcase titles that I have played and/or own. LET THE GAMES (see what I did there) BEGIN!!  

1) “Ico” on PlayStation 2INCORRECT: “Eye-Co” ———- CORRECT: “Eee-Co”

That is easily the most forgivable mistake on the list, so not a bad way to start.

2) The “Ys” Series on multiple consoles and systems INCORRECT: “Wise” “Yeez” “Y.S.” “Yis” ———- CORRECT: “Ease” 

The game series has been around for twenty years, and unless you’ve played the games to hear the narrator pronounce it correctly, there’s no way to properly recommend the games to anyone without confusing them.

3) “Suikoden” on PlayStationINCORRECT: “Swy ko den” , “Sue ick o dan”, “Swike odin” ———- CORRECT: “Swee ko-den”

Yeah, this one’s kind-of simple, but still forgivable.

4) “Ninja Gaiden” on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)INCORRECT: “Ninja Gay-den” ———- CORRECT: “Ninja Guy-den”

If you’re  a gamer (either today or from back in the day), and you’ve seen “The Wizard” (or that ONE clip from the movie; SEE BELOW), you should already know how to pronounce this.

5) The “Deux Ex” Series on multiple consoles and systemINCORRECT: “Deuce Ex”, “Dee us ex”, “Day of sex?” SAY WHAT?!? ———-CORRECT: “Day-us Ex”

I just know that all my Latin-speaking gaming buddies were happy to know how to properly say this title, while cringing at the butchering of the game’s title coming from the mouths of others.

6) “Lumines” on multiple Sony consolesINCORRECT: “Lou-mines”———-CORRECT: “Loo min-ess”

Wow. Really? “Lou-MINES”? C’mon!

7) “Heiankyo Alien” on Game BoyINCORRECT: “Hi-Yank-Yo Alien”———-CORRECT: “Hey-on kyo Alien”

This is by far one of my most FAVORITE GAME BOY GAMES EVVVEERRRRRR, and when I got it when I was 6, I had no freaking clue how to pronounce this game.

8) “Shenmue” on DreamcastINCORRECT: “Shen-moo-eh” ———– CORRECT: “Shen-moo”

It’s just “moo.” Don’t read THAT MUCH into it. “Moo-eh” just sounds like a terrible Japanese stereotype.

9) “PoPoLoCrois” on PlayStation PortableINCORRECT: “Popo Lock-royce” ———-CORRECT: “Popo Lo Croi”

One of my favorite underrated games in the PSP library, I was shocked to learn that I had been pronouncing it correctly since the game came out! BONUS: the title is a fusion of Japanese and French.


10) The “PokeMon” series on multiple Nintendo consoles and systemsINCORRECT: “Poke man”, “Poke mans”, “Pookimun”, “Pokey men”, “Pockey mon”———-CORRECT: “Po-kay-mon”

Ah, yes; this is the most fun and amusing to hear people butcher.  It’s not because I hated the series (I don’t), but even at its height of popularity in the late 1990’s, most people STILL could get it right.  Between nearly every child talking about it, the flood of commercials, the television show (with those dang-catchy SONGS), the movies, the news stories, and religious-folk knowingly and falsely demonizing them to put more butts in the pews (that’s for another story for another day), how could you miss the correct pronunciation. Oh well, thanks for the laughs, though.

[Thanks GamesRadar]

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