DEVASTATING! Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves!

“VERTA-BREAKER! Will Break Your Spine!” “VERTA-BREAKER! Something-something-something…..”

If you remember how gravity works, you’ll know where this guy’s head is going.

It’s that point of the match.  The hero has weakened the villain enough during the course of a long match, and he gives a signal.  The fans know that he’s about to finish of his opponent with his devastating maneuver and win the match.  The villain finally gets up, turns around…and BAM, the hero hits the finishing move, covers his opponent, and ONE..TWO…THREE!!  

A finishing move is a wrestler’s signature move (hopefully a captivating and brutal-looking one) that usually leads to a finish of the match, meaning the planned end of a match.  Ideally, no one should be able to kick out of a finishing move (unless some extra drama is to be added to the match). A finisher can take many forms, ranging from being as simple as a knockout kick or punch, or as insane and elaborate as TNA wrestler Suicide’s “Suicide Solution” which is technically interpreted as a pump-handle reverse flip over rocker dropper (don’t ask; just watch).

Recently, one of my good friends from high school sent me this YouTube video (posted below) of some of the most insane finishing moves I’ve ever seen!  We both agreed that NO. 4 on the video was absolutely nuts, but I commented on how impressed I was with the double moonsault.  Again, you got to check out this video below for yourself!

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