A Useful USB-Powered Device: Tentacles!!

Nope; I am not joking.

Oh ThinkGeek, what would we do without you guys? Whenever I get the urge to feel like I’m working in an underwater office (or replay Bioshock), this USB squirming and wiggling tentacle that simply plugs in any USB port on your computer should do the trick.  Or, evoke fear of never being able to escape the clutches of evil octopuses.  Octopi? I don’t know; I majored in Architecture, not English.  

This USB tentacle is one of those single-purpose gadgets that proves that this aspect of tech devices is very much alive and well. That’s right, the only thing the USB tentacle does is squirm and wiggle.  It is not a hub. It cannot charge your phone’s battery.  It won’t power a mini-reading light. It doesn’t fire those cute, little foam rockets.  It won’t brew coffee for you (only you hack it — I don’t know; just speculation). The ONLY thing it does is squirm and wiggle.  Based on that, would you want to spend $24.99 on a tentacle? Personally, I’m not sure due to its limited usage, but it can better be looked at a an interesting novelty tech trinket for the nerd in your family. **he says while pointing to himself**

For a nice gag and easy entertainment, you may want to buy more than one of these to add some visual flair to each and every USB port on your computer.  However, the guys at ThinkGeek recommend using the tentacle as a method to show your devotion to Cthulhu. I think freelance writer Amanda C. Kooser said it best about this suggestion on CNET:

“You can try it, but just be aware that Cthulhu won’t be dissuaded from feasting upon your soul just because you attempted to pay homage with a cheap gadget. You might as well just embrace the madness and be done with it.”

[Thanks ThinkGeek]

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