Thanks for the Memories, Nintendo Power! the age of instantly-updatable news and updates in video game news and reviews, it was only a matter of time before the big dogs and mainstays of print video game media would go the way of the do-do bird. First, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) bit the dust, followed by GamePro last December, and now Nintendo Power is ending publication. If you look above, you’ll see the magazine on the left is Nintendo Power #1, and the right is Nintendo Power #285, the final issue, available on this coming Tuesday, December 11th. Sigh….  

If anything makes me happy regarding the final issue is the cover. To commemorate the last issue of Nintendo Power, the cover story is the new Mario game on the Wii U (“New Super Mario Bros. U”), and it’s done in claymation style, just like the first issue cover (featuring “Super Mario Bros. 2”) of the magazine. Even the poses of the characters on the cover resemble each other fairly well! The cover of the only issue of Nintendo Power that I own – since I was more of a Sega kid – featured Mickey’s Magical Quest on the SNES and a fan contest to create new villains for the Mega Man series. It’s just AMAZING! For those unfamilar with the magazine (if you’re NOT into gaming, I understand; if you’re into gaming, you should be ashamed of yourself), Nintendo Power was a monthly news and strategy magazine formally published by Nintendo of America, and was later run independently of the hardware/software company. Since December 2007 (with issue #222), Future US was contracted the publishing duties from Nintendo.

The cover of the ONLY issue of Nintendo Power I least until #285 comes out.
The cover of the ONLY issue of Nintendo Power I own…at least until #285 comes out.

The first issue published was July/August 1988, highlighting the NES game “Super Mario Bros. 2,” and it was one of the longest-running video game magazines in North America. Nintendo announced on August 21, 2012 that they would not be renewing their licensing agreement with Future Publishing, and that after 24 years, Nintendo Power would cease publication in December of 2012.

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