Got Cardboard, Wires & a Cup? Make Your Own Speakers!  Do you want some decent-sounding basic speakers on the cheap? Well, if you have happen to have a soldering iron, coated copper magnet wire, spare wires, a paper cup, a standard 3.5mm headphone plug, and assorted paper and cardboard scraps, you can build that basic set of speaker yourself. From scratch. FOR FREE (should you have those aforementioned items just lying around; like I would – I like tinkering with things)!

Man, I LOVE Instructables. A user on the site,”Guiciwoochi,” made this basic speaker by fabricating a copper wire coil to be slightly larger than the magnet’s diameter, made a cardboard bracket to hold the magnet, installed the bracket inside the paper cup, then taped the copper wire coil to the outside of the cup. The DIYer then completed the project by soldering the two ends of the copper wire coil to the headphone jack wires, and then made a cover for the speaker using spare pieces of cardboard and paper to elevate the cup in order to maximize reverberations.

Check out the link at the end of this post for full detailed instructions with step-by-step photos. Keep in mind that this speaker won’t be really loud, however it should suffice for just listening to music from your smartphone and computer; plus NO EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. Also, should you not have a spare donor set of 3.5mm headphone plug or the other audio cables needed, you can easily purchase these items from any RadioShack, other electronics stores (if you live in San Antonio, try Altex), or just shop online and spend a few bucks.

[Thanks Instuctables]

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