Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)

In professional wrestling the strap match is known by many other names and is performed with many slight variations.  You can say that this is a case where something could have multiple personalities, and not have to be committed to a mental institution  Essentially, the match has both competitors placed on the opposite ends of a restraint (that being a rope, leather strap, chain, bullrope, etc.) in order to keep them in close physical proximity. The rules of the match are of such: the strap—as well as anything attached to it—are legal for use as weapons, and the most common rule for winning is that one wrestler has to touch all four corners of the ring (either the top turnbuckles or ring posts) in sequential order without stopping.  Some match rules include the possibility of winning via pinfall, and due to the legality of using the strap as a weapon (often as a choking device — SEE LEFT), submissions are usually not allowed.  

As mentioned earlier, the strap match is one of the most varied form of match type in all  of professional wrestling, in terms of name and implements used.  Depending on the participants and storyline, the name/variant used generally comes one or both of the wrestler’s gimmicks (for example, “Russian Chain match”, “Indian Strap match”, “Samoan strap match” — a signature match of Umaga, and “Country Whipping Match”). Some of the common restraints include a belt , bullrope (length of rope with a cowbell in the center), steel chains, one to two foot “leash “, or leather strap. There’s another variant of the strap match called a “dog collar match” in which the wrestlers are connected at the neck by dog collars.




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