The Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (Nope; it’s not Duke Nukem Forever)

“ZombiU” is actually a sequel to prior game in the series…

Chances are now that many of you fellow gamers are enjoying playing your brand new Wii U system that just came out this past Sunday (if you’re curious about the system, CLICK HERE).  One game in particular for the system, Ubisoft’s ZombiU, is actually a sequel to a game released 26 years, in fact, many people don’t even realize that it’s even a sequel at all.  At first is may seem that the oddly-spelled title was a reference to Nintendo’s console — as with their history of adding “Super” in many Super Nintendo games, “64” at the end of Nintendo 64 titles, “DS” or “3DS” in some form on Nintendo DS games, and “Wii” to many Wii titles — but it’s actually a reference to its predecessor, entitled Zombi.

The intro screen from “Zombi”

Zombi was released in 1986 on the Amstrad CPC home computer, and was Ubisoft’s first published game. Much like its sequel ZombiU, the original game was a first-person action/adventure, survival-horror game set in a shopping mall, a’la Dawn of the Dead. It focuses on inventory management, had a steep difficulty level, and would throw in zombies to distract you while accomplishing tasks and exploring the environment.  Zombi had four protagonists to play as, and if any of them were killed in action, they would return later in the game as a threatening zombie, roaming around the same in-game area where they died.  Remember that steep difficulty level? Well, if you get killed in the game, you’ll restart at the last checkpoint as a different survivor, WITHOUT any of the equipment and supplies you stocked up on with the earlier character, however you can retrieve said items should you double-kill that character who’s now shambling around as a member of the undead.

Based on previews, ZombiU is shaping out to be an interesting and solid game, just what the new Wii U system needs at launch.  Plus, it’s appears to be a pretty good sequel, unlike Duke Nukem Forever….

My goodness; that long 15-year wait for the Duke Nukem 3D sequel SURE didn’t pan out so well, huh?

[Thanks GamesRadar]

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