The Future is THEN: Watch this Quantel Paintbox Demo from 1990

Now, who is responsible for all that bright and shiny technology showcased is the above video?  The answer would be Quantel, and they are the world’s leading provider of graphics hardware to the broadcast industry, and their program, the Quantel Paintbox workstation was THE standard for creating television graphics and overlays worldwide.  Essentially, something that seems much more widely used, popular, and easy to use today like Photoshop was nearly non-existent then, and Paintbox could carry out those tasks in real-time and completely revolutionized the way designers worked then and to this very day.  The promo above comes from a 1900 promo by  Quantel showing off its new V-Series, which was smaller and more powerful, while roughly the size of a large modern-day desktop computer. The V-Series included an “integral hard disk that holds the equivalent of 185 full-frame pictures” and like the earlier edition, it included a sketchpad-sized screen and stylus, allowing artists “paint with light;” yes, that’s what was stated in the video. Enjoy this lovely piece of retro-tech goodness for your eyeballs.

[Thanks TV ARK]

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