Remembering Eddie Guerrero

This past Tuesday marks the 7th anniversary of the sudden and untimely passing of legendary professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero at the age of 38. I remember waking up in my dorm room at Texas A&M that morning or November 13th, turning on my computer and opening the web browser to, and there it was…on the front page of the website.  I starred at the screen for what felt like hours, and when I snapped out of it, I made a tribute button and wore it on my backpack around campus for weeks.  In the last few days, several wrestling personalities have reacted to the anniversary of his passing, with the following messages on Twitter.  

Vickie Guerrero:
“I will love you Eddie….always and forever”

“[To Chavo Guerrero] I love you Vito. Thinking of you today. Xxoo. Eddie is so proud of the husband, father, and performer you have become”

Chavo Guerrero:
“[To Vickie] I love u too Vickie! U and the girls are heavy on my mind today. Eddie is smiling at the strong women u are!”

“7 yrs ago,I lost my uncle,brother friend.The whole world lost a hero, but heaven gained a returning son. Eddie Guerrero, gone not forgotten”

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL):
“Two guys have meant the world to me, my pal Ron and the great Eddie who passed away 7 years today. Love u and miss u Esse! #cherishUrTime”

“@SMARKRAGE: How much blood did you and Eddie lose in your judgment day match? it was so freaking bloody.”–Eddie went to hospital after.”

“For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat”

Jim Ross:
“Complex & talented Eddie Guerrero died 7 yrs ago today. 1 of my greatest signees. Challenging man. Was his own worst critic. A star. RIP”

“When we signed Eddie Guerrero, Vickie was a wife & mom. Now she’s got more antagonist angst than virtually anyone. Step it up #WWE men.”

William Regal:
“It’s seven years ago today that my friend Eddie Guerrero passed away.My favourite all round performer in the Wrestling.I still miss him.”

Dave Lagana:
“Felt lucky to have seen Eddie Guerrero wrestle in ECW and honored to worked with on Smackdown. You are missed Eddie and never forgotten.”

Gabe Sapolsky:
“We all miss you Eddie Guerrero. More and more every year.”

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) posted a new blog on Facebook remembering his fallen friend Eddie Guerrero:

“I’ve written a lot about Eddie Guerrero and I never get tired of talking about my friend, this is the 7th anniversary of his passing.

Eddie was a groomsman in my wedding and I did part of his eulogy at his funeral, we were good friends-I really miss Eddie and so wish he were still around. We had so much fun together, and he meant more to my success than anyone.

The JBL character wasn’t working and Eddie and Chavo Sr came up with the idea for the ‘heart attack’ of his mother on Mother’s Day in his hometown of El Paso. I literally had a police escort out of town for my own safety that night, talk about heat.

This angle with CM Punk and Heyman faking a heart attack last night, I loved it-this is something Eddie would have loved also. People get worked up, and it is their choice to be offended by whatever they choose. I thought it was awesome, I just wish JBL could have done it!

Eddie did as much for me personally as he did professionally, he was a truly amazing guy.

The story of Chavo and Eddie getting into a heated argument backstage over the mother angle when Chavo started ribbing Eddie that Mrs Guerrero should take the clothesline was hilarious-it’s just that no one saw it but me.

The match we had at Judgement Day set the attendance record at the Staples Center at the time, all off the heart attack angle. Again, if you are offended by the CM Punk story-it’s your choice, but I got a guy wishing I was dead and several profanity filled Tweets over it. Really? Over a TV show, some have zero class when they can be keyboard warriors anonymously.

Also, the filming of Jerry as he was receiving medical care got some really nasty comments. If that was an NFL game or any event that had a ton of cameras around, do you think that a guy who has been told to film everything who has a camera on his shoulder would not film it. I thought it was all done very well and was one of the best Raws I have seen in some time.

I thought the welcome back of Jerry was great, I love Jerry and he is one of the best of all time. A true Hall of Famer. We share a birthday though his year is many decades ahead of me.

Here’s highlights of the Judgement Day bloodbath, Eddie had to be taken to the hospital after this-I didn’t realize at the time how much blood he was losing. Seeing the tape I am shocked.

I miss Eddie, would be great to have him around now after all these years and laugh and talk.”

Here’s Eddie’s final match, shown on an taped episode of WWE SmackDown against Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy):

And here’s the WWE’s tribute to Eddie, set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”:

Thank you for everything, Eddie. Good bless you.

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