Watch Architecture Students DESTROY Their Studio Models! Thanks to Architizer + SMASHIT

Ah, the memories of architecture school. Staying up for 48+ hours without enough sleep (if any), constant wounds from X-Acto knives and the diet of soda, coffee, pizza, and fast food. The first thing I wanted to do after a final project review was finally get some sleep, eat some (somewhat) healthy food, and never having to look at that freaking project ever – and the ‘Nerd means EVERRRRRR – a-gain (10 points if you get the reference). I remember at the end of a semester many of us would take pictures our models for our personal records, nearly immediately followed by the total destruction of said model that took 7-10 days to build to relieve our pent-up stress and anxiety. Nice to know that the website SMASHIT has the same idea and feels our pain as architecture majors.  

Find more videos like this on SMASHIT

SMASHIT and Architizer (through their new Architizer A+ Awards initiative) have recently teamed up to bring some of the best online videos of architecture students going all “Office Space” on their studio models. I love that this is a great way to take architecture out of an isolated mindset (based on the current state of the profession) and into the worlds of technology and business and expand innovation within the field. The first video from this collection, entitled “Anti-Affection”, uploaded by studio partners Nathan and Sam and showcases the team playing a game of “wack-a-model” on their final model with a broom handle. The entertainment value of the video increases with the addition of some good old heavy metal music in the soundtrack, amplifying the mayhem, enacting the catharsis, and making the whole process seem as enjoyable as it looks.

Trust me, it’s VERY therapeutic.

[Thanks Architizer]

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