Fun-Sized Portal Gun from ThinkGeek Won’t Drain Your Wallets

Remember when 5,000 original, limited-edition, life-sized replicas of the Portal gun from — well, Portal — were released from ThinkGeek this summer? You know, they were about $208 and the inventory cleared out almost immediately (like under 30 minutes)? Well, if you missed your shot and/or you’re looking for something more budget-friendly and (if you’re a space-saver) smaller, then ThinkGeek’s new $59.99 Miniature Replica Portal Gun may be hard to pass up.  

ThinkGeek’s new Miniature Replica Portal Gun ($59.99) measures at 12″ long, approximately 5″ tall, and has the appropriately colored LEDs, a working trigger, and movable claws. For the parent-gamers (or parents of younger gamers), think about how this replica piece from Portal 2 would complete an adorable Portal-related costume for the kiddies.  Also, it’s the type of collectible that you could keep on an office desk when you’re not pretending to escape from laboratories of Apenture Science.

Or, maybe you REALLY enjoy the Portal games and wish to add it to your existing collection of Portal-related merchandise from ThinkGeek.

[Thanks ThinkGeek]

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