Love To Hate Them: WWE Most Popular and Beloved Heels, EVER!

What’s a heel? Well, in the world of professional wrestling, a heel (or villain  bad guy, ne’er-do-well) typically does things so dastardly and despicable that makes the fans boo, yell and shout insults in their general direction. However, often many fans still enjoy seeing these guys regardless of their attempts to gain negative heat from the crowd. Throughout the history of pro wrestling there hasn’t really been any particular wrestler who was 100% loved of hated (look at John Cena and CM Punk now-a-days), however, in the case of a few heels, many fans love them more than they’re intended to.  

The Bleacher Report compiled a top ten list of the WWE’s Most Popular and Beloved Heels of All Time, making note of the wrestlers who receive/received more cheers than ever and were able to transcended their role as a 100% villain  In many cases, guys were just very talented and entertaining, regardless of their face/heel status. Guys like the original classic heel Gorgeous George (for being very arrogant and regal), CM Punk (using his straight-edge lifestyle to relate to fans & claim superiority), Eddie Guerrero (who took shortcuts to win matches; I LIE, I CHEAT, I STEAL), Kurt Angle’s bragging on his accomplishments in the 1996 Olympics, and Vince McMahon (because, well, he IS the boss).

Go ahead and check out the rest of their list, and who else do you think belongs on this list, WWE/non-WWE. Feel free to leave you comments below, YOU PENCIL-NECKED GEEKS!!

*YAY, two “Classy” Freddie Blassie references this year!*

[Thanks Bleacher Report]

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