Holy Lynx for Lefties! Resistance: Burning Skies Patch adds Left Handed Controls!

Raise you hands if you remember Atari’s 16-bit handheld video game system, the Lynx. Anyone? Hello? Anyone? Oh, ok, good; seven people! Just kidding, but while the Atari Lynx was unable to compete successfully with Nintendo’s Game Boy or even Sega’s Game Gear, it’s most notable feature (undoubtedly) is its ambidextrous layout, allowing switchable right-handed/left-handed control configuration, which has pretty awesome. I haven’t heard much of a big deal about game controls/controllers for my left-handed gamers (though I’m sure many, many exist in any options menu of any first-person shooter) on the other end of the spectrum, but a new patch for the PS Vita game Resistance: Burning Skies will allow an option to utilized left-handed controls.  

Even though game developer Nihilistic is concentrating on the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified coming out in November, they are still working hard on fixing issues with and improving upon their first PS Vita release, Resistance: Burning Skies. The patch (version 1.02), weighing in at only 19MB, comes with the following changes:

1) Adjusted the power of the MULE in Multiplayer

2) Added Sound effect for enemy melee attacks in Multiplayer

3) Fixed a bug with Mauler Sound Effects

4) Various bug fixes to improve the multiplayer game connection process

5) Launching into a Multiplayer game from Part now bypasses several screens for a quicker start

6) Stat reporting to myresistance.net enable

7) Improved kill tracking in Multiplayer

8) Fixed a bug that caused Map Vote details to not be received by some players

9) Fixed some bugs with Match Bonus score

10) Added left-handed controls option

So, to my left-handed gamers out there, have you already downloaded the brand new patch, and how do the left-handed control scheme work on this or any other game. I’m tempted to give it a try just to see how bad I do?

[Thanks PlayStation LifeStyle]

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