Julian Treasure Asks Architects in TED Talk to Use Their…EARS?!?

Practically any conversation involving architecture involves space, place, form, experience, and meaning, which derive from architecture’s sensory experience involving light, touch, smell and sound. The latter of the senses is to topic of the TED Talk given by sound expert Julian Treasure, as he petitions architects to design for our ear. The basis of this plea on how the quality of a building’s acoustics affect us physiologically, socially, psychologically and behaviorally.  

Based on statistical data, Treasure demonstrates that the louder the spaces (hospitals, for example), the more distracted the staff becomes and the less calm the patients are. Through the use of a couple of simulations, Treasure exposes how sound reverberation in a classroom can either positively or negatively effect the intelligibility of the speaker. This example he gives proves a point on how proper acoustical design within the architectural design in educational environments can improve the listening and learning aspects of education systems, and Treasure gives some insight into how certain architectural choices based on acoustical design can create less chaotic-sounding spaces.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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