Half-Life: Black Mesa is Not Half-Life 3, But It’s Just Fine With Me…

Black Mesa, the long-awaited (and also long-delayed) fan remake of  the classic game Half-Life utilizing the Source engine is now available FOR FREE!!  It is an amazing recreation of the original Half-Life game with updated graphics, sounds, and controls.  

While the old game looks really dated (as it was released in 1998),the new visual update enhances the experience by a great deal, as the textures look very crisp in high-definition, the lighting is very dynamic and modern, and the physics have greatly improved thanks to the addition and use of the Havok physics engine.  Even the game’s audio sounds much better; while the dialogue in the old game sounded grainy and static-filled, the remake cleans it up a great deal and even re-recorded the audio all over again.  The controls have been updated slightly as well to feel more immersive (keeping in line with a modern first-person shooter game), while still staying true to how a Half-Life game plays.  Unless you’ve played the original again for old time’s sake, you’ll BARELY notice the change at all.  The only downside are the loading times, which can be on the slow side, but it won’t ruin your experience at all.

At this time you can download the game FOR FREE here on the developer’s website. Fortunately, Black Mesa has also been approved on Greenlit on Steam, so soon it could be readily available from there in due time. YAY!!!

[Thanks Black Mesa Source]

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