WWE Ranks it’s Top 15 World Heavyweight Champions

Even though the history of the “Big Gold” World Heavyweight Title Belt goes back to the days of the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling, the WWE wants to pay tribute to the title that has been in the company since the title’s reintroduction into the WWE 10 years ago (yeah, THAT long ago) in August 2002 (during the initial brand division, and Brock Lesnar taking the WWE Championship to SmackDown).

To celebrate 10 years of the World Heavyweight Title officially being in WWE, they have ranked the top 15 World Heavyweight Champions of all-time:

15. Goldberg (who held the title once in his 1 year with the company)
14. Daniel Bryan
13. Randy Orton
12. Kane
11. CM Punk
10. Chris Jericho
9. John Cena (yup, he won THAT title, too)
8. Mark Henry (the epitome of LONG overdue)
7. Rey Mysterio (as tribute to the memory of the late-great Eddie Guerrero; also long overdue)
6. Sheamus
5. Booker T
4. The Undertaker
3. Edge
2. Batista
1. Triple H (who was the first WWE-era World Heavyweight Champion, awarded the title after Brock Lesnar took the WWE Title to SmackDown).

Thank goodness this list was kept to the WWE-era of that title. Anything to forget the title once being held by David Arquette. Anything. Please God, ANYTHING!!

[Thanks WWE]

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