EcoXPower: Charge Your Phone & Head/Tail Lights While You Bike

It may not be news to most people of using the power of pedaling your bicycle to charge your phone or power headlights.  However, the folks over at the EcoXPower are bringing a whole new concept to the table (sort of).  Their new device for your bicycle will allow you to power BOTH your phone and lights at the SAME TIME!  THE FUTURE!!  

The ExoXPower device is promoting itself as the first multi-tasking, power-generating gadget of its kind, and is composed of two main parts. First is the main device that attaches onto your bike’s front wheel hub, uses the moving spokes to generate electricity, and is fitted with mounted lights. The second part is its touchscreen-compatible, water-resistant case that is connected to the main generator device via a USB cable and mounted between your handlebars, and within that case, you can keep your iPhone, Android, or GPS device.

The ExoXPower comes with a lithium-ion battery that is able to keep the lights on and the connected devices powered up for up to 90 minutes in between the act of pedaling, coasting, stopping (if you have to make a call or update your GPS destination), and back to pedaling again with no problem at all. The device is now available for purchase for $90-$100, so you’re getting a really good deal out of what you can get out of it.

[Thanks Gizmag]

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