WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!

It appears that YouTuber DSimphony has uncovered one of the biggest secrets in the history of video games.  According to this video, it seems that gaming companies Sega and Square Enix attempted to mask this over and let this slip past us. Unfortunately for them, gamers are an intelligent and resourceful group of people with extraordinary resources.  Funny; I wrote about this particular Square Enix game just a week ago…

So here you go: the power of the internet has provided undeniable proof that Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs (itself a story of a game returning from developmental hell) is actually the long-awaited, often-hinted-at, often-cancelled Sega sequel, Shenmue 3 (the last game coming out in 2002).  Hmm, maybe THAT’S why reports on Shenmue 3’s existence has been inconsistent all these years

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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