Forget Solar Panels!! I Want this Awesome Solar Energy Generator!!

Solar panels are a great way to generate sustainable, renewable electricity; if only the image of an entire group of them together didnt; look uglier than sin.  Thanks to André Broessel, who designed the spherical-lens solar generator you see above (the thing you were asking yourself “what the HECK is that, a crystallized Death Star?”) that –unlike solar panels — is very stylish and sleek.  

Just by using a ball lens and proper positioning, Broessel created this generator not just for the purpose of being ridiculously good-looking, but also because this device is roughly 35% more efficient than your standard photovoltaic (i.e., solar”) panel.  The device is also outfitted with a dual-axis sun-tracking system, while smaller versions of these generator units have the option of being placed on sloped or vertical surfaces such as roofs or walls.

Fortunately, this solar generator isn’t even at its prettiest yet, but unfortunately, it’s only a prototype at this time.  What comforting is that it’s nice to see how simply a lens like that could be worked into something that’s as much a work of beautiful art as it is a utilitarian energy generator.

I cannot wait until this device becomes a reality and start rolling off production floors.  I’m not physic, but I think the future is going to look awfully pretty….and sustainable…..with lower power bill. YAY!

[Thanks Design Boom & The Verge]

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