New School Game Music with Old School SNES Soundsets are Old & New (INCEPTION!)

Musician Shnabubula released his most recent videogame-themed album back in May, titled SNESology, a free collection of original music that uses instrument soundsets from some classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games. The album, includes various other artists that contributed their SNES-inspired songs to the project.  The album has some original numbers along with remakes of pre-existing game tracks in the style of a completely different type of game. After the break, you can listen to five selections including in the collection and remind yourself of how awesome, amazing, and timeless the music from the SNES is.  

For all of you aspiring chiptune artists out there, the soundsets that the artists used eventually will be made available publicly so you can mess around with them and create your own musical melodies. Meanwhile, follow the SNESology project on Facebook and listen to some more choice submissions after the break.

1) RoeTaKa – Assassin’s Creed 2 / Revelations cover (Chrono Trigger soundset)

2) some1namedjeff – “Most Beautiful Seduction” (Final Fantasy VI soundset)

3) RoeTaKa’s – “Tears” from Max Payne 3 using the Contra III soundset

4) Monobrow – “Secret Inside Me” (Secret of ManaTerranigma, and Final Fantasy VI soundsets)

5) William Kage – “Infiltrate, Assassinate” (EarthBoundYoshi’s IslandKiller Instinct, and Hyper Zonesoundsets)

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