Control the Bluetooth Bulb with Your Smartphone. THE FUTURE AWAITS!!

With the influx of new and advanced technological gadgets, gizmos, and whosee-whatsits, some companies never forget that even mainstay and simple pieces of tech need a bit of a next-generation update. Take the light bulb; not quite thought of in the vein of gadgets like computers, phones, and tablets, but it has been getting updates in the last several years as well.  This time around, how about adding Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities to them. Intrigued?  Yes.  Do you want to see videos of this in action.  Click here –>

The Bluetooth Bulb allows you pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone (well, most ARE Bluetooth-enabled) with one or more of these light bulbs in your home, and lets you control them via an official app. Through your phone, you can switch them on, off, adjust brightness, set timers, PLUS a special RGB bulb that lets you change the color — if you’re ever in a partying mood. There’s no need to be concerned about the cost and waste when the bulbs burn out, since it seems that every part is replaceable.  In addition, there’s no complicated home automation system involved, so you won’t need anything else to get each Bluetooth Bulb set up.

Sound awesome enough that you want to buy one now right? Well, you’ll unfortunately will have to hold out for little while, since the Bluetooth Bulb is just a patented prototype now (videos below). The creators have their sights set on mass production, but for now you’ll have to stick with the good old clapper or settle for standing up and walking to the switch panel on the wall.

[Thanks Bluetooth Bulb]

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