Archie Comic’s Sonic / Mega Man Series to Crossover; Space-Time Continuum Implodes!

Is it possible for Christmas to come early TWICE in the same year?

Archie Comics is making a childhood dream of mine come true with a 12-issue crossover event starring SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Capcom’s Mega Man. Ian Flynn, head writer for Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Universe, will be the main man behind the pen for this epic series. This crossover event was originally conceived by both Capcom and Sega, who then basically gave Archie the signal to run with celebrate the most memorable characters from the games.  

The titled “When Worlds Collide” story arc is to be a self-contained tale, however their will some residual impact on the overarching canon, mainly in the main Sonic series. At first, it seems that Sonic and Mega Man don’t get along right away, as they have different attitudes and values (and if you think about it, Mega Man’s a robot and Sonic is known for smashing robots). However, the Doctors Wily and Eggman (or Robotnik for stubborn Sonic fans like myself) immediately become sinister allies, as they share similar goals, interests, nemeses with an affinity for the color blue, and mustaches. Mustaches, folks.

Well, I guess the announcement alone makes it feel like Christmas, since I have to wait until 2013.  I am completely nerding out RIGHT NOW!!!

[Thanks Newsarama & The Mega Man Network]

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