The Water Villa! It’s a Villa…on the Water…so…YEAH!

Here is the Water Villa in Amsterdam, a prototype house from Framework Architects+Studio, which showcases the central relationship between water and home – which makes sense considering the name “Water Villa”. The house displays a playful relationship between the open and closed areas of the home. The home’s pattern is designed vertically, operating as an abstract allusion to the surrounding water, which provides optimal privacy and allows natural light inside the house itself. Residents will be able to control their privacy by an integrated folding window (controlled by a remote control).  

The Water Villa is plentiful in space at three levels high — one of which is below the water – with the main living and work areas above water. The house’s three stories are connected by an inner patio (complete with a steel staircase), which centrally organizes the house’s plan and allows sufficient natural light to the lower levels.  The verticality of the steel staircase –which has a steel stripe pattern – gives off a dynamic display of light and direction.

So, if you stubbornly held on to that childhood dream of owning a house with a moat (or something like it), this is right up your alley; considering cost and the dropping of the “prototype” tag from the house.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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