New Games with Atari 2600 Game Covers; What A Twist!

One of  my favorite artistic fads involves the re-imagining current (or fairly recent) video games with an old-school 4-to-8-bit style twist. While I do enjoy my share of pixel art remakes of modern-era games, it’s starting to get a little overdone. Because of that, it’s wonderful to see on retro style game art that goes further back from the ever-popular 8-bit era….by going back to the “2 bit-era.”  

DeviantARTist Bunnelle has taken a variety of games from the last several years and presents what their covers might have looked like had they been released on the Atari Video Computer System (or the more futuristic-sounding 2600). It shows that Bunnelle has captured the absurdity of many of these cartridge art pieces rather well, but there’s some mock-ups that actually look better than that particular game’s real cover art.

There are plenty move Atari 2600 cover mock-ups to see over on Bunnelle’s deviantART page, and it’s definitely worth the time to check out.

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