It’s the Leaning…Roman Colosseum? WHAT?!?

So, that makes it TWO leaning buildings in Europe that The PractitioNERD has covered in two years. Hmm, makes you wonder…

Last time (if by “last time” was meant by “the last time I reported on a building in Europe that became/is becoming structurally unsound”), I discussed the structural issues in the foundation of Big Ben in London, causing it to lean. Recently, it has been discovered that the famous Colosseum in Rome is suffering a similar fate.  

About a year ago, officials have noticed the south side of the 2,000 year old Colosseum in Rome was leaning about 40cm (15.75 inches) lower than the north. The Guardian reports that Professor Giorgio Monti from La Sapienza’s construction technology department said that a crack in the 13-meter-thick concrete slab below the amphitheater is responsible for the sinking structure, but it’s too early to decide that as the only reason.

As of now, the authorities are investigating to see whether or not an intervention is needed, as tests are currently being conducted to determine if nearby traffic could be a contributing factor.  Over 10 years ago (“all the way back” in 2001), the Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened after being closed for over a decade, after engineers worked on the classic architectural structure to prevent it from toppling over.

[Thanks to The Guardian]

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