The Faraday Porteur Electric Bicycle

Is this a sign of great technological advancement or proof that we humans are getting lazier and lazier?  Either way, the Faraday Porteur is aiming to become the “ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle.  The bike, built by and for cyclists, was nicknamed “the ultimate modern utility bicycle” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition.  Just from looking at an image of it, you can tell that the Faraday Porteur is an elegantly designed bike, plus the designers claim that the bicycle is both comfortable and effortless to ride – whether you’re using the electric motor or not.  The project is up on Kickstarter, and they have far reached their $100,000 goal (raising 137,815 as of 7/30) before the end date of August 11th.  

The Faraday Porteur features a patent-pending pedal-assist that delivers a somewhat-noticeable — yet powerful — rush of electric power when you pedal.  Faraday uses “state-of-the-art” integrated lithium batteries that are encased within the double top tubes in the bike’s frame.  The bicycle’s compact AC adapter is only slightly larger that a standard laptop AC adapter, and will recharge your bike in only 45 minutes; you’ll also get two compact AC chargers with your purchase.

Taking a ride on the Faraday Porteur is simple, as all you need to do is flip the handlebar thumb switch on, and then start pedaling. The throttle s unnecessary, as the built-in sensors measure how hard you’re pedaling and the electric motor’s output will match your speed. Whenever you stop pedaling, the motor will quickly shut down, but should you wish to preserve more battery life (or get in a workout), just leave the thumb switch set to “off” and you’re riding a normal bicycle.  Should you ever come across the enemy of biking — also known as uphill areas, strong winds, etc. — you can just hold the thumb switch down to activate “BOOST MODE”, which offers an extra *ummph* of power to help conquer those obstacles.

The Faraday also sports a group of high-powered LED headlights and taillights built into the bicycle’s frame and all are controlled by an ambient light sensor, meaning that they will automatically turn on at dusk.  The bike’s large front rack is connected securely to the frame rather than the front wheel, which would allow you to ride to your destination with up to 30 pounds of varied items on-board.  The rack also has a quick-release mechanism, allowing you to remove the rack entirely to lighten the load.

I think I’ve place my hat on the “great technological advancement” rack, as I’d rather not admit to my own laziness… #Maturity

[Thanks Kickstarter, and check out Engadget’s first impressions of the Faraday Porteur]

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