The Mobile Container Hospitals, aka the “Insta-Hospital”!

This is the Mobile Hospital, a container that expands into a medical structure three times its original size, created by designer Kukil Han. The structure can carry the beds, supplies, and has the ability to combine up to four modules to create a mini-hospital with four wings.  Han was influenced by the idea of having a “go-anywhere” solution for providing medical aid to victims globally of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms.

The Mobile Hospital could be deployed using helicopters to any part of the world (including hard-to-reach areas/terrains in the world) in a matter of hours.  The units can also be transported on a larger scale by ship and still be able to offer various types of  emergency medical attention to people in need. Han’s well-planned design has the ability to be customized to give support to particular needs with relative ease, furthering the structure’s adaptability to a wide and varied number of emergency scenarios.

[Thanks Yanko]

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