This Musical Olympic Structure Looks Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

However, this building also looks like bloody shards of glass, as possibly Gulliver himself my have died after he fell directly on top of it.  Also, this makes this the fourth building erected for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London that has been covered on The PractitioNERD (exhibits A, B, & C).  The Coca-Cola Beatbox, designed by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, is a crystalline structure that is more than meets the eye (like Optimus Prime), as it can be played like a musical instrument.  

The Coca-Cola Beatbox is made up of over 200 interlocked ETFE plastic pillow-like translucent air cushions, each the size of a billboard which are sensitive to movement and touch. Basically, anyone who visits the pavilion can remix songs just by moving around and touching the walls.  The interlocked translucent air cushions contain different sounds (including athletes’ heartbeats, shoes squeaking and archery arrows hitting a bulls-eye), and additional sounds are triggered by people walking in and out of the building through varied gestures and general movement.  Some of the sounds were directly taken from the Olympic song “Anywhere in the World,” recorded by British producer Mark Ronson.

If you find yourself in London for the Summer Games, take a visit the Coca-Cola Beatbox at the Olympic Park to start making some beautiful music. This serves as a wonderful implementation of how architecture can be fused with music, sport and technology in a very unique way.  It must also be noted of the great collaborative work between the architects, lighting designers, industrial designers, programmers and engineers.

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England begin July 27th and end on August 12th.

[Thanks Dezeen]

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