Explore Gotham City’s Architectural Grandeur in 3D!

At midnight tonight, the last chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series, “The Dark Knight Rises”, premieres in movie theaters everywhere…AND I CAN’T WAIT!!! Anyway, up until then (and very likely to continue after the first release) we have been exposed to a multitude of advertisements, trailers, promotions, water-cooler talk, and online discussions about the film, the characters, the trailers, interviews, and practically anything that has to do with the movie. The idea of the film tie-ins is nothing new (novelizations, video games, web games, etc.) and usually doesn’t offer much new content to better contextualize or expands the film’s narrative; that’s really up to the FILM itself.  Nokia is getting involved in the film tie-in game with these new 3D maps of Gotham City from Nokia, so now you can appreciate the architecture and urban planning of the great metropolis that is under constant surveillance of the Dark Knight himself (if you haven’t played “Batman: Arkham City”, or even its prequel “Batman: Arkham Asylum”; if that’s the case, GET ON THAT NOW).  

When you head over to the website (which you’ll need to hurdle a Facebook login first), you’ll have access to an expansive 3D map of the Dark Knight’s hometown, and you’ll discover and find popular lore landmarks including — but not limited to — Wayne Tower and City Hall. Landmarks such as those just rise out from the map’s low-resolution skyline (keep in mind, this is a browser-heavy 3D, possible close to Google Earth in terms of visual quality) that consists mostly of generic high-rise buildings whose light reflect in the metropolis’s black waterways. The site also provides top-down cartographical maps of Gotham City, which exposes the city’s dense grid, infrastructural nodes and networks, and intricate interlocking geography.

[Thanks Nokia: Explore Gotham City]

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