Chuck E. Cheese Is Now a Guitar-Wielding Rock Star

Wow. Just…REALLY?

There is a very strong chance that you have some type of opinion about Chuck E. Cheese. It can range from memories of the place being a blast when you were a kid, to realizing that the pizza itself was not very good and possible unsanitary conditions in the ball pits.  I believe that it’s safe to say that the most familiar memory shared among us would be that we are most familiar with the restaurant’s mascot, a cigar-chomping New Jersey rat named Chuck. Well, to get with the times and maintain relevance, Chuck has recently received a full 180-degree redesign, and believe me, it’s quite a departure.  

This is the new face of Chuck E. Cheese, and it’s safe to say that he’s come a long way.  Previous renditions of the mascot had Chuck wearing a derby hat, later changed to a baseball cap, however both earlier versions feature a distinctly colored snout. The new modern Chuck has a new voice to go along with the change, and is being voiced by Jaret Reddick, the lead singer of Bowling For Soup, from San Angelo, Texas.

It’s safe to say that this change is an extreme departure from the previous editions of the franchise’s mascot, but it may be just what the company needed at this time. The redesign definitely requires new signs, costumes, and animatronics (should they still choose to use them), so it seems that they are very serious about committing to this change.  Since the Chuck E. Cheese franchise is aiming to maintain cultural relevancy — which they have struggled with for a while now — the real ACT of change doesn’t come as the real surprise; it’s the co-called “modern” update, which –personally– screams early-to-mid 1990s than 2012. I guess this just confirms by beliefs from over 12 years ago: I am SERIOUSLY too old for Chuck E. Cheese.  But I definitely won’t miss the pizza.

[Thanks Bottom LineThe Retroist]

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