Jason Voorhees Killed Episode 3 – WIRed #2.5

After some technical mishaps, this week’s abridged version of The PractitioNERD will be the first of many smaller, more frequent videos, as explained above.  THIS WEEK: a 200+ year-old Prison becomes a Public Civic Center [http://goo.gl/rYNNl], The Complete History of Sonic the Hedgehog becomes a Book [http://goo.gl/TP1nj],
***BIG THANKS to “EEK! Creations” for the Sonic Magnet (www.eekcreations.com)***
Lifehacker’s Tips for Speeding Up your Tech [http://goo.gl/CLS4J], and A Plea to Bruno Sammartino to join the WWE Hall of Fame [http://goo.gl/2UHSa].

PLUS, the QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! [http://goo.gl/7LYcl], with much thanks to fellow Tumblr-er “What I Remembered” [http://goo.gl/O4cAk]

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