Look at this Lavish and Luminous Library

This building houses the personal library of the late-Antonio Castro Leal, Mexican diplomat and intellectual, in two bays at the north side of the north-west patio at the Ciudadela, his former home. Designed by architectural firm BGP Arquitectura, it was exhibited in a transparent area where the bookcases are attached onto walls to the full height of the ceiling.  The bookcases made of dark wood act as vertical elements that work in contrast with both the horizontal floors made of light wood and translucent glass, and finished by the custom white furniture. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to distinguish the four main areas from each other — reception room, teamwork area, research area and personal reading area — despite the huge open plan of the library.  

This project serves as an example of how industrial design can transition into architecture.  The library space is designed and planned in a modular manner, as this was the best solution based on the placement of structural metal beams on the Catalan ceiling of the original building.  The hallways are suspended from those same structural beams by light and thin stainless steel rounds, with the railings being uninterrupted and distinct in its directional changes. At the edge of each dark wood bookcase panel are a series of LED bands that illuminates each book and they become the focus of the space (and they should; it is a library, after all).

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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