The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

Despite a faulty camera, a day of lost work, and computer issues, here is the debut episode of “The PractitioNERD Show.” After a brief introduction to myself and the blog, I’ll discuss :

1) Architecture
~Fundraiser to publish a book about London’s Art Deco architecture (
~A beautiful Brazilian bungalow getaway house (

2) Technology/Gadgets
~A CPU fan/heatsink combo (
~A DIY HDTV Antenna (

3) Video Games
~Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary soundtrack collection (
~The Legend of Zelda baby nursery (

4) Professional Wrestling
~Booker T wins the WCW Title in 2000 (
~Daniel Bryan wrestling in the Texas Wrestling Alliance in 2000 (


2 thoughts on “The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

    1. No problem, man! I’ll be working on a series of videos on my game collection (from my current set-up, then the games based on system).

      Also, yes, I’m still using Windows XP Media Center Edition (a.k.a., “ol’ reliable”). Currently saving up for a new HTPC desktop and laptop running W7


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