Amron Experimental’s ‘Rinse Toothbrush’ with Built-In Rinsing Fountain


Amron Experimental’s original model of their Rinser Toothbrushes were well-received and were a delightful experience to many of its customers. Fast-forward to this week, and Amron Experimental has shown a couple of updates to the both the Rinser Toothbrush line and the common practice of brushing first, then rinsing second; something we’ve all grown accustomed to since learning how to brush our own teeth.  What kind of additions, you ask, are included in this upgrade?  How about a “power fountain?”  

You heard (er, read) correctly, and why add a power fountain into a toothbrush, you ask? Because Amron Experimental discovered that having to manually rinse out your mouth with a cup you have to hold with your own hands is for suckers. No, not really; however, this is quite interesting.  This iteration of the Rinser Toothbrush shoots a stream of water upwards from its center, rather than a small trickle.  Plus, the heads are now replaceable, so now you’ll be able to keep you toothbrush much longer instead of only for a few months at a time.

Just in case you still have the sour taste of “doubt” in your mouth, check out the video demonstrating the fountain at work. If you would like to add this wonderful piece of hygiene-related technology to your bathroom (or overnight bag), then you should head over to Amron Experimental’s official website, check out some more information and details, and (if you want) pre-order now for only $22.  Yup, TWENTY-TWO DOLLARS!

[Thanks Amron Experimental]

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