The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…

According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, Noah was tasked by God to assemble a pair of every animal on Earth and bring them aboard a giant Ark, which Noah would have to build and be equipped to survive a flood sent by God to wipe the Earth clean.  At the very height of the flood, the ark rested on mountaintops, and the waters began to recede as dry land reappeared, leaving Noah, his family, and the animals leave the ark to repopulate the Earth.  Now, I know you’re asking what this has to do with architecture, but if you take just ONE look at the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, built by K2S Architects in Finland, the building’s design just screams of the vessel of Noah’s fantastic voyage. 

The chapel is completely windowless building, made of curved, solid strips of laminated wood which block out the outside noise of the local, urban environment. The exterior cladding is composed of custom-made spruce wood planks which are seamlessly connected utilizing horizontal finger joints. Natural sunlight enters down the perimeter wall from a void within the ceiling on top of the chapel, however the intensity of the light’s brightness is controlled by the limited void in said ceiling.  That same natural light does, however, illuminate the interior oiled alder plank walls and the rest of the interior, furnished with solid wood seating.  The building may be approached from any direction, although the only entrance point is located through a glaze entrance. A concrete corridor within the interior space is available for many flexible uses, from an exhibition space to a gathering area, while the round room remains the only space of the chapel contained within it own stand-alone area.

Have any of you ever come across a building that resembled some type of inanimate object? Like a tall office building shaped like a PlayStation 3 (you know, those monolith-like launch models), a sports facility shaped like a wicker basket, or anything else like that?

[Thanks DesignBoom]

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