The 1st Year Anniversary of “The PractitioNERD” Blog! YAY! A WHOLE YEAR!


One year ago today, I was still in search of a job to speed up my career in architecture after getting my Masters, and seeking an outlet for my other outside interests of gaming, tech & gadgets, and professional wrestling.  Rather than wait for new job to begin to start the blog, I was inspired by Bishop David Copeland, that “if you have a passion, if you have a gift, don’t sit on it.”  That same week, I began researching blog hosting sites and names for the blog.  It started out, pre-launch, as “The Nerdy Life,” yet it really didn’t really spark with me, and I was encouraged by my family to try inventing a word that could mean the same thing.  It resulted in compiling words that ended in “ner,” as I was dead-set on incorporating the word “nerd” in the title.  My eyes scrolled up and down the screen, and there it was: “practitioner.”  That same week, I launched the blog as “The PractitioNERD, ” and defined the new word from a combination of the meanings of “practitioner” and “nerd” as:

“One of superior skills or intellect who practices something, especially an hobby, topic, occupation, profession, or technique, that does not conform to society’s beliefs and trends, and who will make a radical change in the world.”

One year, one terrible short-term customer service employment experience, one blog host change, and the number of awesome people and like and follow the blog (thanks to all of you) later, The PractitioNERD is still going on strong with a stream of content of stories and items that pique my nerdy interests.  It’s all of that and more why I want to expand the blog and the brand to the realm of weekly video updates via YouTube (starting June 29th). I hope to keep that going in the months and years ahead.  Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to pursue this endeavor, followed the blog, liked the stories I posted, and subscribed to me/”The PractitioNERD” via FacebookTwitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr.  Without you guys sharing the love of all things architecture, gaming, technology, pro wrestling, and other things nerdy with me, I don’t how much longer I would have kept going.  So, here’s to one year down, and to many more ahead.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, Girls, Nerds, Designers, Techies, Marks/Smartmarks, & Gamers, I give you:


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