Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Absolute Intern” Online Reality Show

Whenever the terms “reality television” and “professional wrestling” come together, the first thing that usually comes to mind would be the successful Tough Enough series from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  From it’s original run on MTV from 2001 to 2003 (not counting the competition on WWE Smackdown — sans its own show — in 2004), and it’s revival last year on the USA Network, the reality competition had varied participants undergo vigorous professional wrestling training and compete for a contract with the WWE.  Popular independent wrestling promotion Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) has decided to go a similar route, and start their own online reality series called AIW Absolute Intern.  In this series, four AIW fans compete for the opportunity and right to be part of one of the best promotions on the independent wrestling circuit from a behind-the-scenes basis. Check out the premiere episode above, where this week the interns attempt to sell posters to the AIW crowd while host/announcer Vic Travagliante (who also broadcasts for the Chicago White Sox and various NCAA D1 programs) yells at them. Enjoy, and also check out their YouTube channel for more videos; the quality of their matches are excellent!

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