The PractitioNERD Show on YouTube, Coming June 29th (also, 200th POST!)

Because it’s amazing what geeky & nerdy hobbies/obsessions, a digital video camera, a microphone, some editing software and a decent internet connection can get you.  Also, not a bad way to celebrate the 200th post on The PractitioNERD!

Starting on the evening of Friday, June 29th (and every following Friday evening), the PractitioNERD YouTube show will review the stories covered and shared across the PractitioNERD network (i.e. this blog, Tumblr, Facebook, Google +, etc.).  This project has been in the making for the past few months, as I’ve been testing equipment, video/sound quality, graphics, music, formats, etc., but things are falling in place; I’ve even filmed an “Episode 0” as a test to see how everything looked and sounded.  I saw this as also a great way to celebrate The PractitioNERD’s upcoming 1-Year Anniversary on Thursday, June 14th of 2012 (**kazoo sounds**) and to further expand the network.

So rise up your Klingon goblets, take a bite of your Apenture Lab-decorated cakes, blow your computer-aided drafted horns, toss those steel chair-shaped party favors in the air like you just don’t care and spread the word on your two-way pagers — oh, nostalgia — and cry out: WE ARE NERDS, HEAR US WHINE!!!

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