A Sneak Peak At The New WWE Championship Belt!

Well, I’ve finally done it. After ranting about the WWE Championship needing a complete design change last summer, The PractitioNERD has changed the entire landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment and the world of professional wrestling!!!  Well, not really, but I just wanted to take a short ego-trip; don’t worry, I’m returning to reality now 😉

Here’s some background on this story: in mid-August of last year, I posted a blog (more of a rant) about how much I disliked the current design of the WWE Championship belt (a.k.a., John Cena’s “spinner” title belt), which I felt just ran it’s course, REALLY worn out its welcome, and needed a redesign.  This was before the WWE Title unification match between Cena and CM Punk at SummerSlam 2011, and I pleaded with the WWE to return to the old undisputed title belt, and I gave my reasons why.  Later that year on December 1st, WWE.com ran an article from their “Bring It back” series (which too was a very passionate rant) about the WWE needing to change the design of the WWE Championship after WWE superstars John Cena, CM Punk & The Miz voiced their opinions about the title’s current design and need of a serious design change on Twitter.

Recently, BeltTalk.com posted a photo of what is to be the new design for the WWE Championship belt. Pro Wrestling Insider (PWI) reports that the photo below is in fact the new design, although it is likely that some changes may be made.

So, fellow professional wrestling fans, what do you think of the new belt design?

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