Have A Spare Coffee Can? Turn It Into A Long Range Wi-Fi Extender

After digging through the remainder of coffee grounds for your morning “cup of joe”, you realize that your large metal coffee can is empty and bound for the recycle bin.  But wait, what about re-purposing that piece of  metal can into something that you can get a a lot of use from?  That sounds like a novel idea!  In only an afternoon (assuming you have the hardware parts necessary), you can turn a metal coffee can into an rustic-looking and fashionable Wi-Fi antenna or signal booster with an surprisingly long range.

Blogger, coder, author and likely-superhero John Graham-Cumming posted the full set of instructions for creating this DIY antenna using only a piece of a coat hanger, a Wi-Fi antenna extension cable, a Type N socket and plug, an empty metal coffee can (of course), and some soldering skillz — yes, with a “z”.  Mr. Graham-Cumming states that he gets anywhere between 2 and 8 times better range with this custom-made antenna; he even says that he can get a signal for a local hotel’s free WiFi located roughly a quarter mile away from his home.

In the past few years, I’ve seen my share of DIY WiFi antennas — say “DIY WiFi” five-times fast — made from soldering two cans together and cut beer cans to resemble a dish, but this version is definitely the most visually attractive. Another plus is that you can store (or just plain hide) the cable and the adapter inside the can when not in use or when traveling.

[Thanks Mr. John Graham-Cumming]

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